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Galle has been an emporium of foreign trade since the dawn of commerce alongthe Silk Route that once connected China with Europe. The Dutch Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lies adjacent to the older part of the city, situated on a headland of which three sides overlook the sea. The ramparts of the Fort are over 2.5 km in circumference and provide an interesting walk steeped in colonial history.
The historian Sir James Emerson Tennent claimed that Galle was the ancient Biblical city of Tarshish. As the port from which cinnamon was exported to the world for more than two millennia, the city is said to have traded even with King Solomon, the Persians and the Egyptians. The ramparts, the National Museum of Galle and the Maritime Museum, All Saints Church, the Dutch Reformed Church, the Galle Natural Harbour, the Old Lighthouse, the English Gate, the Dutch Prison, Dutch houses and the hospital are yours to experience, in addition to dozens of colourful shops and boutique cafes and restaurants.
Approximate duration: About 30 minutes’ drive from the hotel
Approximate distance: About 17 kilometres from the hotel