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The beautiful island of Sri Lanka is home to the highest quality moonstone gems in the world. Gem deposits in Sri Lanka can be divided into two types– the more abundant sedimentary deposits caused by the weathering actions of wind and water, and the less common primary deposits found within the bedrock itself.
One of the best known primary gem deposits in Sri Lanka is the largest pegmatite vein of moonstones at Meetiyagoda. The village boasts about 10 mines which have been the most important source of top quality blue moonstones since it was first discovered in 1906. It consists of intergrown layers of two varieties of Feldspar with differing refractive indices. The finest and rarest shines show a transparent colourless body with a strong blue schiller.
Approximate duration: About 25 minutes’ drive from the hotel
Approximate distance: About 12 kilometres from the hotel